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About Us

While trying on some riding tights at a local tack store, Cavaliere Couture creator, Lela Reynolds, had an idea. Riding clothes, and especially riding pants, are on the overall ... not very comfortable or practical. So, she decided to combine her two favorite passions - Riding and Yoga. How? By creating a line of riding clothes that are both comfortable AND practical for the every day equestrian. 

In today's day and age, cell phones have become of utmost importance - and when you ride your horse, you have two options: front hip pocket, or back pocket for your cell phone. Obviously, neither of these options are available for you and your phone on most riding pants. Cavaliere Couture was created to solve this problem with a handy side pocket for your phone as wells as your car keys and credit card. 

In addition to being practical, they are the most comfortable riding pants you will ever wear. Why? They are made like yoga pants! Ride your horse, or practice your downward dog in these riding pants! They are comfortable, breathable, and moveable - just like riding clothes should be! 

Cavaliere Couture also has other equestrian inspired clothing - all with the same goal in mind - style and comfort. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our inventory!