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Article: How to Take Amazing Pictures of your Horse

How to Take Amazing Pictures of your Horse
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How to Take Amazing Pictures of your Horse

I'm thrilled to share an extensive guide on how to take more captivating pictures of your horse! Whether you're an aspiring photographer or can't help taking endless photos of your horse, these tips will help you capture your horses' genuine personality.


We'll talk about angles, backgrounds, and settings to maximize your phone's camera abilities.


Best Angles:

1. Eye-Level Shots (To Show Personality):

  • Pay attention to your horse's eyes – they are the windows to their soul! Focusing on their eyes adds depth and emotion to your photographs.
  • Get close up and even experiment with “Portrait” mode on your phone to hyper focus on their eye. This is going to be the easiest amazing shot you can get.

eye level horse picture

2. The Best Feature Pic:

  • What would you say is the cutest feature of your horse? Choose an angle that is first focused on putting this as the focal point, make sure it's in good lighting and with a great background behind them, and you've got the shot!

cute horse photography

3. Action Shots (Freeze the Excitement):

  • This is going to be the hardest shot to get but it's so worth it when you do! Capture the energy and spirit of your horse by taking action shots during moments like trotting or cantering.
  • You'll want a friend to take this photo for you and you'll want at least a dozen attempts before you stop riding and check the results.
  • You'll first want to pick your desired background and have them hold the phone at that angle or put it on a tripod in that position. They are trying to capture the picture when the horse is in frame rather than move the camera to the horse.
  • You will also want to zoom out from where you've got your desired shot so that you can then crop it from there. This will give you a lot more leeway with your timing so that the horse will fully be in the shot.

crazy horse photo


Start with Green:

  • Greenery is your best choice when choosing a background! If you don't have a lot of it or it's not that time of year, choose a barn or the next best thing nature has to offer to put in the shot.
  • Consider the season and time of day for different lighting effects – lush greenery in spring or golden leaves in autumn can enhance the overall aesthetic.

beautiful horse photography

Sunrise or Sunset (Golden Hour Magic):

  • Take advantage of the soft, warm hues during sunrise or sunset for a magical and atmospheric touch to your photos.
  • The low-angle sunlight during these times creates long shadows and a beautiful glow, adding a dreamy quality to your horse portraits.

Clean and Simple (Focusing on the Subject):

  • Sometimes, a clean and simple background is the key to making your horse stand out.
  • Experiment with solid-colored walls, well-kept stables, or open fields with minimal distractions to direct attention to the beauty of your horse.

Camera Settings:

Natural Light is Key (Avoiding Flash Startles):

  • Whenever possible, shoot in natural light to capture the authentic colors and details of your horse's coat.
  • Avoid using a flash, as it can startle your horse and may result in unnatural and harsh lighting.

Portrait Mode (Creating Depth):

  • If your phone has a portrait mode, use it to create a beautiful depth-of-field effect. This keeps your horse in focus while gently blurring the background, adding a professional touch to your photos.
  • Experiment with different portrait mode settings to find the balance that suits your style and highlights your horse's features.

dressage photography

Resolution Matters (Capturing Details):

  • Set your camera to the highest resolution available to capture more details. This is particularly important for preserving the intricate textures of your horse's coat, mane, and facial expressions.
  • Higher resolution ensures that your photos remain crisp and clear, even when zoomed in or printed.

Getting the Perfect Pose:

Patience is Key (Building Trust):

  • Horses may be initially camera-shy. Take your time, be patient, and allow your horse to become accustomed to the camera's presence.
  • Spend some quiet moments with your horse before starting the photo session to build trust and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Use Treats and Rewards (Positive Reinforcement):

  • Encourage positive behavior by using treats as rewards. This not only captures your horse's attention but also associates the photo session with a positive experience.
  • Experiment with different treats to find your horse's favorite – carrots, apples, or even a handful of grain can work wonders.

Focus on Comfort (Creating a Relaxed Environment):

  • Ensure that your horse is comfortable and at ease. A calm horse is more likely to pose naturally and beautifully.
  • Pay attention to your horse's body language – relaxed ears, soft eyes, and a gentle posture indicate comfort and readiness for the photo session.

I hope these detailed tips add a sprinkle of magic to your horse photography adventures! Feel free to experiment with these suggestions, and remember, the most important aspect is to enjoy the process and cherish the moments you capture with your equine friend.

Happy snapping!

Best regards,

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